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If anyone deserves to be on @iamsteveharveytv’s show it is @beatfacehoney. Not only is she a #SocialMediaMaven, but she is a true #Inspiration and testimonial for perseverance and working hard and for free to make your BIG AUDACIOUS DREAMS come true! She has been humble throughout her journey and recognized for her awesome #MUA skills by @4everbrandy and has helped to shine a brighter light on @nickiminaj’s #truebeauty with her artistry. I am mostly silent member of her #BeatFaceBrigade but I had to speak up to help her and her #PutMeOnStevesShow campaign! cc @necolebitchie (though I’m sure you’ve already posted + shared)

Via laracasey:

Be still.  In the stillness, you have all the answers you need.  Let. go.  Let go of yesterday and five minutes ago and your massiveneverending to do list and the guilt and the “failure” and the need to please and the perfection and the worry and the thought that you aren’t good enough and let go of the future.  The future isn’t reality yet.  Only right now is.  Just be here.  Listen.  This moment is trying to teach you something.  Love what’s right in front of you.  ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ - Psalm 46:10  Take a deep breath and trust that everything is going to be more than perfectly fine.  Why?  Because you are not in control.  He is.  Be still and listen. 

Via mth2012:

I think it’s quite hilarious that the last day for our EARLY BIRD registration is today. A Leap year day. Your last chance to LEAP at an amazing deal (50% off) for the MTH2012 tour. How many of you have opened that registration page 1, 2, 3 times? How many of you are right at the edge, wanting and wishing change but too afraid to leap?

Friends, I hate selling to people. I have no intention of pushing or pressuring anyone into a product or a program. Yet, I am completely passionate about sharing how something has blessed my life. Whether that be the best tea shop down the street, my most treasured photo purchase, or something that rocked my world

Making Things Happen has changed me. It has brought me places I have never been or even dreamed of.  How? It gave me the tools and a community of people that I never even knew existed. Tools that helped me think outside of the box. Tools that allowed me to slow down enough to find the passion stirring my heart and act. Tools to help me not feel overwhelmed every minute of the day. Plus, this community that takes leaps and shares their stories. Their whole stories, not just the pretty side. The ups and downs. The real thing. What an encouragement this is, not to mention crazy inspiring.

Ladies and Gentlemen if I hadn’t encountered MTH through this post, (P.S. if you haven’t read or answered these questions, get on it) I would be working in the corporate world, not believing my passion could become my career. It wasn’t logical to me at the time. I was confused because I had followed the path of “go to college, get married, find a secure job and you should be happy” and I still felt overworked.  If I hadn’t attended or done the work that MTH has challenged me to do. I can honestly say that I would be living on the surface of life, going through the motions. Like I was for years because I didn’t know any better. My mind and heart were controlled by fear and my bank account. This thinking has changed, and now I know better and I want to give that gift to others. Honestly, to pretty much everyone I meet.

I can honestly say Making Things Happen has completely changed my life.  It still is changing my life, as I put in the work. The forum isn’t a magic fix. For me it was the spark. The spark that lit my fire. The spark that challenged my old thinking. The spark that gave me hope to work towards my dreams and make hard decisions.  The spark of encouragement and friends to cheer me on.

Are you looking for a spark? A chance to see your life from a different perspective?

What are you waiting for? Take That Leap.

Gina Zeidler

P.S. If you want to hear more of my story or experience of MTH to help you in your decision making, email me. 

"What I know for sure is you can’t even begin to love yourself or even be true to yourself unless you know who you really are—separate from your ego." - Oprah Winfrey

Via mth2012: A thought for your weekend… and for… EVER.  (Thank you, Em, for sharing this quote with me this week.)  Done is better than perfect.  A-to-the-MEN!!!  Our office rule: it’s better to make a decision you aren’t 1000% sure of - it’s better to risk - than make no decision at all.  Making things happen requires action, moving forward and taking big risks.  Making the right things happen will involve “failure” and those “failures” are what teach us and keep us on the right path.  Fall down 7 times, get up eight.  These words made my heart leap when I heard them.  Done is better than perfect.  Yes!!! - Lara

For those who are not in the know, my favorite colour is Heather-Grey. Hands down it evokes comfy and classy all at the same time. 

Look at Ms. Saldana working in a classic and simple Heather-Grey ensemble including shoes and envelope clutch. J’Adore!

Originally spotted on Natural Belle


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Layering Bracelets…check.

Envelope clutch…check.

Not a fan of the printed slit-sleeved top, but those bottoms are a gorgeous shade of Orange!


Originally shared by Marie Claire

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Coco Rocha for Americana Manhasset (more)