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Making things happen has a whole new meaning to me now.  I had a baby.  I have a new life. Those two small sentences are larger than the universe to me.  I had a baby (and labor was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced for so many reasons.  I am working on finally writing Grace’s birth story and will share more about my first 6 weeks as a mom soon!).  I have a new [messy, chaotic, beautiful, fulfilling, heart-opening, exhausting] life.  And I’m seeing so much more now than ever how vital this work is.  Vital.  The work of right thought creating right action.  The work of choosing to own my life instead of rent it.  The work of letting go and letting God.  The work of surrender.   Oh, there has been so much surrender!  The work of - as one of our pastors said this weekend - getting off the fence.  It’s time to get off the fence and OWN your days.  Own your choices.  Own your gifts.  Tune in to what is most important and ACT on it.  Making things happen is about making decisions. I’m learning every day.  This new life means I have no choice but to let. go. of. control.  Let go of life being wrapped up in a pretty bow all the time.  Let go of what I thought was real joy.   Because, let me tell you… there is a greater joy.  And it really has nothing to do with whether you are a mom or not.  It has everything to do with your heart.  Are you ready to dive in?  I have so much to share with you.  So very much.  And it’s going to be honest and sometimes a complete mess (gone are the days of eight hours of sleep!) and absolutely completely full of passion.  A new spark has been lit in me to make big things happen.  Gina, Natalie, Emily and I have so much to share with you, friends.  Get ready.  Happy very New Year!  - Lara  

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